Getting Familiar with the Dirt Under Our Feet

When we talk about working with the land, sometimes that means literally getting your hands dirty. And sometimes, it means knowing the differences in the dirt itself. On this podcast, we’ve talked a bit about farming and ranching—which is the way many Nebraskans and Plains residents make a living. That kind of life also keeps them closely in touch with the land around them. But there are many other ways people work with the land, and today our stories explore some of those.

Ariana Brocious

Theme music by the Talbott Brothers. Other music excerpted: "Floating By" by Daniel Millidge (De Wolfe Music). “Meadows” by Lyndn Gauntlett (De Wolfe Music). “Lives and Landscapes” by Danny Eldridge, Mark Cousins, and Adam Saunders (De Wolfe Music). Additional sound courtesy Ted LaGrange and CC.

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