Nebraska's Unique Habitats

Nebraska, in the heart of the Great Plains, encompasses a wide variety of climates, ecosystems and landscapes. Today we’re exploring some of Nebraska’s unique landscapes and habitats—ones that perhaps aren’t as well known as the Sandhills or the Platte River.

As a companion to this podcast, our 360-production team captured immersive video and audio to give you a little taste of these habitats. You can view these on your smartphone or on your desktop. For desktop viewing, we recommend the latest version of the Chrome browser for the best experience (Safari and older versions of Internet Explorer do not support 360 video at this time). And we also recommend you view with headphones to get the full effect of the 360 audio. 

Ariana Brocious

Theme music by The Talbott Brothers. Other music excerpted: "Walking Together" by Laurent Duty and William Hurion (De Wolfe Music).

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