Plainstory Season One

Holiday Pastimes

Episode 14

In the early days, pioneering Plains residents found novel ways to celebrate the holidays, even when things like Christmas trees were hard to come by. Today, we’ll hear stories about some annual pastimes that keep folks busy in the colder months.

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Plains Newcomers, Then and Now

Episode 13

For generations, the central plains have been a place for some people to escape to, finding new lives among the expansive horizons.

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Remembering the Vietnam War

Episode 12

The Vietnam War figured prominently in the lives of many Americans, including those living on the Great Plains.

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Getting Familiar with the Dirt Under Our Feet

Episode 11

When we talk about working with the land, sometimes that means literally getting your hands dirty. And sometimes, it means knowing the differences in the dirt itself.

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The Power of Storytelling

Episode 10

Storytelling is one of the oldest forms of art and communication.

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The Deep Ties Among Plains African-American Families

Episode 9

Today our stories explore some of the deep roots of African American history on the Great Plains, and the deep ties that keep those families connected.

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Farming on the Great Plains

Episode 8

Farming has formed the base of the Great Plains economy since homesteading days. It’s always been challenging work, even making enough profit to simply hold on to the land itself.

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Art on the Prairie

Episode 7

Art is a way for us to interpret and understand the world, and share those interpretations with others. It’s a powerful part of what makes us human.

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Our Love for Trees

Episode 6

Today our stories explore a bit more of this history, from the origins of Arbor Day to an ambitious plan to plant a wall of trees down the center of the country.

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Nebraska's Unique Habitats

Episode 5

Nebraska, in the heart of the Great Plains, encompasses a wide variety of climates, ecosystems and landscapes. Today we’re exploring some of Nebraska’s unique landscapes and habitats.

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The Mayans Among Us

Episode 4

The blending of diverse cultures on the Plains, and the welcoming communities newcomers find here, is one of our greatest strengths. Today we’ll hear about the indigenous Mayan people of Guatemela who have made a new home here in Nebraska.

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New Life for Historic Theaters

Episode 3

Some of the most important buildings in our communities are theaters—houses for arts and entertainment and places to showcase our own local talent.

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Digging into Deep History

Episode 2

We take pride in our history on the plains. Some of that history comes to light when we turn over new ground, or when we dig a little deeper into a place we thought we knew.

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Living Close to the Land

Episode 1

Stories about growing indigenous crops, a forest planted in the Sandhills, and a rancher's land ethic.

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