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The Sound of Home: "The Jam"

The Lincoln Crossroads Music Festival put out a city-wide invitation to any and all musicians to come join a late-night jam session. Featuring visiting artists from outside Lincoln, as well as musicians who live in Lincoln, the jam session was organized with the idea of creating cultural exchange and camaraderie. Host Genevieve Randall joins in with her flute and talks with organizer Erik Higgins and guitarist Daniel Martinez. And, Genevieve talk about what it is like when you find yourself in a musically uncomfortable situation.

Previous Episodes

The Sound of Home: "Erik"

Lincoln native Erik Higgins returns to his home to start a music festival.

The Sound of Home: "Cindy, Hannah & Pablo"

Los Mariachis de la Ciudad Estrella make their way to the Lincoln stage.

The Sound of Home: "Irene & Family"

A musical family reunion takes place in Lincoln and Genevieve is there to uncover the story and the history.

PlainStory EXTRA: "The Standing Bear Cantata"

The Standing Bear Cantata tells the epic story of Ponca Chief Standing Bear and his struggle to honor his late son. Along with the performance, we feature an interview with composer Jerod Impichchaachaaha' Tate.

PlainStory EXTRA: Kinan Azmeh "Suite for Improvisor & Orchestra"

Clarinetist Kinan Azmeh shares his "Suite for Improviser and Orchestra" featuring Layale Chaker, Erik Higgen, Andre Micheletti, Olga Smola, Veronique Mathieu and Sarah Darling.

PlainStory EXTRA: Daniel Martinez Story and Song

Guitarist Daniel Martinez shares a wonderful story with The Lincoln Crossroads Music Festival Audience during his performance with Jarana at The Bay.

PlainStory EXTRA: Sarah Rowe's Two Flute Songs

Artist and Musician Sarah Rowe shares two very special flute songs she performed on her cedar flute.

PlainStory EXTRA: Tall Paul "Prayers in A Song"

Lincoln Crossroads Music Festival Performer, Tall Paul, performs his song "Prayers in a Song," in which he switches between Anishinaabe and English.

The Sound of Home: "Sarah & Tall Paul"

Rapper Tall Paul and artist Sarah Rowe speak about how concepts of home can become uncomfortable when recognizing the history of Native American Indians.

The Sound of Home: "Kinan"

A reknowned international clarinetist, Kinan Azmeh visits Lincoln to play music and talk about his views of home, music and the his message of hope.

PlainStory EXTRA: Daniel Jams at Golden Studio!

In this extra guitarist Daniel Martinez tries to get his Peruvian beats to blend with the sounds of Hasan and Zeyad at Golden Studio.

The Sound of Home: "Daniel"

Genevieve talks with Daniel Martinez, a guitarist from Peru. Daniel talks about his two homes; Lincoln and Peru, and how music helps him navigate his lives. Then Genevieve takes Daniel to Golden Studio.

PlainStory EXTRA: The Refugee Experience

This is an extra from our third episode of 'The Sound of Home.' Lacey Studnicka of Lutheran Family Services gives Genevieve Randall valuable insight to the challenges refugees face.

The Sound of Home: "Hasan and Zeyad (Part 2)"

In this episode of our series, 'The Sound of Home,' Genevieve continues her exploration with the musicians of Golden Studio.

PlainStory EXTRA: Golden Studio Rehearsal

Take a step inside Golden Studio and hear the electric saz, bass and keyboards and vocals of Arkan Kasem!

The Sound of Home: "Hasan and Zeyad (Part 1)"

This is our second season of The PlainStory. We're calling it 'The Sound of Home,' and we're exploring the concepts of music and home. We'll listen to how musicians use their art to create a new sense of home, or remember the homes of their past.

The Sound of Home: "Genevieve"

In our second season of The PlainStory, 'The Sound of Home,' we explore the concepts of music and home. You will listen to how musicians use their art to create a new sense of home, or remember the homes of their past.

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